My mom definitely was a morning person. I consider myself one as well. Soon after a delicious breakfast, she would start to make the beds.

To this day, I make my beds exactly the same way, fluffing the pillows a certain way and folding the sheets and blankets the same way as well. A lot of love went into it. Today, I’m teaching my daughter a lot of the same things.

Many of us have the benefit of having a comfortable mattress. We may even take it for granted. We don’t think about how they’ve evolved over time..

Here is something interesting about beds throughout history:

1. One of the very first beds measured was 18 feet six inches wide by 12 feet long. It was beautifully carved and had a canopy. Unbelievably, it would hold 68 people! Can you even imagine that?

2. In 3400 BC King Tutankahmen had a bed of gold and ebony. Poorer people just slept on palm bows. King Tut’s bed was quite beautiful.

3. During the Roman Empire they became more intelligent about having a bed. In fact, they had a luxury bed. The Romans would decorate their beds with gold, silver or bronze. The beds had mattresses that were stuffed with hay, wool or feathers.

4. The Romans even had a waterbed. They would lay in a cradle of warm water that would make them sleepy. Then they would be lifted onto a cradle with a mattress and gently rocked to sleep.

5. During the Renaissance period mattresses were made of Pea Shucks or straw. Some mattresses were made of, feathers and covered with velvets, brocades and beautiful silks.

6. During the 16th and 17th centuries, mattresses were usually stuffed with straw or down. They were then placed atop a latticework of rope.

7. During the late 18th century. the cast iron bed and cotton mattresses came into view.

8. In 1865 the first coil spring construction was invented for bedding and it was also patented.

9. In the 1930’s. the Innerspring mattresses along with upholstered foundations became available. As you can see the construction of a bed was definitely improving.

10. In the 1940’s futons were introduced to North America which were a great space saver. We all know how popular they have become.

11. In the 1950’s foam rubber mattresses and pillows became popular..

12. In the 1960’s the waterbed appeared along with adjustable beds which became more and more popular.

13. In the 1980’s airbeds were introduced.

14. In the 1990’s bigger beds became available. In 1999, the queen-size mattress became America’s most popular style. It became even more popular than the twin size beds.

15. In the 2000’s foam mattress cores airbeds, waterbeds and high-tech adjustable sleep sets were the rage. Comfortable pillow top mattresses and single-sided no-flip mattresses became available on the market.

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