If you want to know how to buy a good mattress and get the best price all you need to do is utilize the mattress buying tips given here. Mattress buying is not as complicated as the stores would have you believe. First there is no one best mattress(or mattress manufacturer) for all. In actuality there are probably a number of beds that will fit what you need.

Form a Plan
For you to know how to buy a good mattress you first need to know what you want and where you are going to shop for it. Here is a sampling of questions to ask yourself before you embark on this task.
1.What size do you want?
Measure your available space if you are considering a larger bed. Make sure you have enough to accommodate it
2.Do I need split boxes?
Todays beds are thicker,just because your old set fit doesn’t,guarantee the new one will fit around corners or under low ceiling and stairwells.
3. When can you and your partner both shop together?
A mattress may feel different with 2 people in it,a mattress can be expensive,time consuming, and never easy. Even those stores with comfort guarantees have charges (almost always).
4.You should shop more than one store
You can see more product options this way. There are many fine bedding companies out there other than the ones that advertise a lot
5.Measure how high you can accept
The old standard was approximately a total of fourteen inches for mattress and box. . Today there are many mattresses that thick. Most companies offer a second lower box height upon request.
6.Look at your bed or frame.
7.Choose at least two companies to shop.
Three would be better. You want to see both similar products and have a selection of different companies. You will own this for years, so take your time